Chromatique Fluide

Chromatique Fluide

$48.00 125ml

Chromatique Fluide - $48.00


The Capture Advanced system: provides a multi-protection against color enemies: rice seed oil protects the hair lining with a filter; UV and Vitamin E filters protect against the aggression at the base of color oxidation; Zinc Gluconate stabilizes and fixes colorants.

Chelators Complex: sodium citrate + extract of yuzu and litchi: it creates an anti-depleted effect on the surface of the hair; Neutralizes the 3 water particles responsible for color discoloration.
Glossiness-protective fluid for colored and discolored hair, to tame your hair. Apply 1 or 2 hair drying treatments. It combs your hair normally.
Multi-protection against color enemies
Neutralization of water particles + anti-deposit effectGlossiness preserved for up to 40 days
Texture of the hair more silky and soft to the touch. The hair is shiny.